Dust2 Gun round A Take

What you need: 2 Catwalk players, 3 Long players.

3 Players go long and try to take map control while 1 Catwalk player should smoke off mid doors when the round starts, The catwalk players should flash mid when they start crossing to short, they also need to flash short to gain map control. The 2 cat players should kill the Long CTs distracted by the Ts at long.

Ez bomb plant Ez Win.

B/midlong strat

  1. Buy 1 smoke,
  2. Throw it down to a ct smoke
  3. One hold Long
  4. 3 Guys go mid ( slowly )
  5. last guy hold tunnel
  6. 1:10 the middle guys push b
  7. 1:05 The tunnel guy push b
  8. The last guy there holding short is gonna take the rushers at long.
  9. if they dont come long, the guy there holding long go to b 15 seconds after plant, cause if they are ct. its ez kills for him
  10. EZ Round


Mid to A to B through Market

3 smokes, 2 fires, and one flash is the minimum needed for this strat. Preferably, your entry fragger has a flash, smoke, and moly. The supporter needs a smoke and a moly. The awper or lurker just needs one smoke. Obviously, the players can buy more utility, but this is just the bare minimum. Also, you can split the required utility across more players as well if you’d like.

First, the supporter should smoke snipers nest, then 3-4 players will rush mid and the entry fragger flashes out to mid. The awper or lurker needs to stay at t spawn and smoke jungle. The mid players need to act fast, because the goal for them is to get to jungle and snipers before the jungle smokes fades away.

1-2 players go to a ramp. Their objective is to make a distraction at the a bomb site. At mid, the entry fragger peaks connector, and then throws a smoke to block off cat. As soon as the entry fragger throws this smoke, the 1-2 players at a ramp need to make a distraction. They need to throw flashes, throw decoys, and hopefully get a frag at a to sell the fake. The 3-4 players need to rush into jungle and into snipers. Then, they go to market and on to the b bomb site. The supporter throws a moly at van and the entry fragger throws a moly at cat.

The bomb will be planted B unless there is absolute certainty that there are no counter terrorists at the A bomb site. It is the 1 or 2 players’ responsibility to call whether A is absolute safe or not. Usually, it won’t be clear.

When the bomb is planted B, the 1-2 players at A can go to mid and/or watch cat to catch rotators that are trying to defuse the bomb at B.



Double Fake

This is a full buy strat and requires patience and little bit of luck. Everybody needs to buy full utility ad some ESPECIALLY the B team. the team will be split in 3 teams A(2) B(2) and Mid(awper)

The whole team with start with each player buying full utility and a decoy for each. The ENTIRE team with throw decoys onto A. The B team will buy another nade on there way over and they need to rush to b aps ASAP. The mid Awper needs to be smoked in so have someone smoke window while they go cart. When the B team arrives a aps they need to throw down all their utility and make a hell of a commotion spray in areas try to get a kill but dont force it. Meanwhile the A team will wait until the CTs have rotated and they try to plant without making much noise through palace. After the plant the Mid awper will cover mid and try to take out the rotating CTs. the B players will come out of B aps and follow the CTs and slow there rotation. At this point the CT team has literally lost. A team only has to watch palace and T spawn while B team takes CT spawn and Awper holds mid. Ez Pz

Split Rush B

For this you’re going to need a 5 man, this can be used on pistol round.

Two people buy a smoke, another buy a flash. Smoke long for the fake and then 3 go through tons and two go through mid,

The two going mid one smokes mid, and then one flash into B making the entry frags

Three rush through tuns. ez pz

T mid control to B


3 smokes (maybe 4 but unneeded)

1 moltov

Flashes (as many as you want)


2 people throw smoke t make the  middle wall of smokes and one throw the middle hut smoke (rare antiboost through sand bags but still.) After the smokes pop throw flashes (save some for cross and push out 1 player goes on top of vent area and looks white box if doesnt have molotov and wait for pushes if they do maybe 5 seconds before the smokes decipate someone smoke between white box and highway and push z. If your team has another smoke smoke off truck and take b (someone staying z for truck and highway flank.) The ct are most likly going to molotov heaven so 2 people through smoke and run out site and the tree people with through flashes for heaven people. One person that goes heaven goes checkers and clears angles then if its clear or he has killed people he/she watches b main for flank. The other person will stay blue box hiding behind smoke (assuming that they smoked tree) then teamates eill flash out tree and run out and take sight. Then plant bomb. If you have any suggestions msg me on discord SourZ#0302


Cache T pistol round

Everyone buy decoy and throw them in front of B main, everyone should go B but instead of rushing it stop and dont peek and wait for them to push, there is a 80% chance that the ct’s gonna push b and gather information, get the kills and push after that all together towards B

ez round

B site split

What do you need to buy for this strat ?
-2 Flashbangs
-1 Smoke


How does this strat work?

Two players take banana control, one will be in apps and two guys will go second mid to middle. Then smoke out long and flash short -> peek from mid and boiler at the same time (DON’T PEEK SITE FROM SHORT AFTER BOILER PUSH). After that peek you need to throw smoke to block enemy vision from long corner and library, then flash out long and push through arch. When you are on CT, other two guys will push banana. One player will stay CT and watch your back.


Mirage B Exec – Smokescreen

With this strat, you plan to hold for info on A-ramp and mid while setting up a smoke screen to isolate positions and to play for 3v1 fights on the B site.

This strategy is wonderful when CTs are on eco or low buys as it almost guarantees safe fights. Using on full buy rounds is acceptable too if your support players are comfortable playing solo info roles (more on that in a bit.)

You will need:

  • 4-5 players involved.
  • 3 smokes minimum, 5 preferred.
  • Light armor, smg/scout buy or better.

Player 1 – A-Ramp
This player’s job is to hold for pushes and info. He will play passively outside ramp (either on the ledge or at a corner) listening for anyone through palace. If CTs push, he should fight and give numbers info to teammates. If not, he should hold and prepare to show light presence (flash, decoy, pre-firing peeks to site, etc.) just before the B site execute.

Player 2 – Mid
This player’s job is to read any moves through mid. He should smoke either top mid or window, depending on his comfort level. He can try to get the pick in window, but his main job is to show a presence to freeze the window player and pull a B player from arches towards catwalk if possible.

Players 3, 4, 5 – Apartments, Underpass, T-Apts
These players will walk into T apartments at the top of the Underpass ramp. One will play close to apartments watching for any pushes from the CTs. One will watch underpass. The third will line up a smoke to land in the middle of the B bomb site (similar to “safe” smokes, but slightly right to land mid site instead of on safe.)

When the call is made to start the play, Player 1 should make a strong presence in A ramp. He can throw flashes or whatever is needed to provoke a call. As he is making noise, players 3-5 will line up and throw smokes. The underpass player should throw a bench smoke from top underpass. The Apartments player should throw a smoke to block off market – there is a great smoke that lands at the corner of the site and blocks all site to apartment windows from market window. The third player who lined up his mid site smoke throws it at the same time. These smokes will block bench, site, and market from seeing the entry. It will also isolate any Arches/Catwalk players.

Terrorists should rush through apartments and jump out the window and get a 3v1 or 3v2 fight at Arches. After that, they should wrap quickly to the backside of the smokes to watch anyone coming out of market. Bomb should be planted either for Catwalk or at default.

If your mid player is still alive, his job is to hold any mid rotations. He cannot allow an underpass push. His goal is to pick off anyone trying to go that way so they are forced through CT spawn/Market for the retake. If the A-ramp player is still alive, he can push site to flank on CT spawn if he believes no one is there. Or he can fall back to mid and walk up either catwalk or apartments to support the defense. If he goes catwalk, he should communicate that apartments could be open.

If the B players can clear bench, they should try to do before the rotations. It should be another 3v1 or a 3v2 if a Market/Mid player has pushed out quickly. If waiting on rotations, they should take crossfire positions at Arches, Van, and to the left of market window. Catwalk, underpass, and apartments are likely blocked off by the support players on A ramp and mid. If they are alive, it’s usually safe to assume no one can get past them without communication. If the mid or A players are dead, playing the same Arches/Market Window/Van set up should be safe enough, but you need to be aware of Catwalk and Apartments.

T side apartment backstab

Ok, so this one is kinda complicated and requires some good teamwork. From the start, you will need 1 guy with a flash and a smoke, 2 guys with a smoke and Molotov and 2 people with after plant utility smokes, Molotov’s etc. The positioning of the team will need to be 1 guy T-ramp, two underpass, and two b apartments. The guy T-ramp will need to wait for the guy’s underpass to get in position then he will pop flash out a and throw a jungle smoke. Once that smoke has been thrown one of the guy’s underpass will throw a underpass to connector smoke then the second guy will smoke deep cat to and molly snipers, this cuts off all information of what is going on in mid. The guy who threw the cat smoke will run up cat into ladder room and wait for his second teammate underpass to rush into snipers, these two teammates will peak at the same time, clear out snipers and plow threw market. Their goal now is to draw all attention from b site to market so the two t-apartments can push out on to the site and support them while the ct’s are caught off guard. The guy on a at this point will either of got a pick a site, caught someone on rotate or have died. If he is alive at this point he should try to make his way up cat or catch anyone rotating from a

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