B take via vents

One player throw a flash or 2 through the sky windows onto A bomb site. The remaining four players will rush door onto A site go down vents swarm the B bomb site and try to plant. (This could also be used on gun rounds with smokes flashes mollys ect.)

Cobblestone T side A-long control power play default

This is a strong defaultish strat to get an early advantage in map control an man power. Should be done often, but not so often that it becomes predictable. It is only for the start of the round and after doing it you can go anywhere.


  • Three players rush A long
  • One player watches mid
  • One player lurks around B halls


This strat can be effective with almost any weaponry. The guy who has the best spawn for long A should buy one or preferably two flashes. If the CTs have a strong economy, buy a smoke to put out possible mollies as you’re rushing A long.


The aim of the round is to get A long control fast and probably a pick if the CTs are putting anyone there. The first player going long will flash it twice. Everyone will keep rushing so it will be very hard for any one player to kill more than one. Most likely he will fall back or die. After getting A long control, the players pushing should go down danger and clear mid. This will deny the CTs any info of what site the Ts are looking to execute on and will sow confusion. If you’re not executing on A instantly, don’t peek it. No need to give any rotating AWPs a shot.

After clearing long and mid doors, the round can develop any way you want. Depending on how many enemy players are holding these positions, you should at least have equal numbers, if not an advantage. Usually it’s a good idea to leave one player lurking A to get info (if you have at least 4 alive), if you decide to go back towards B. Of course you could always just smoke off doors and hit A, especially if you got two picks while pushing.

If you execute this opening strat multiple times during the half, the enemy team might start putting more players towards A. This means B is now easy pickings. The player lurking B should play extremely passive at the start of the round. He has massive backstab potential from drop, as long as he doesn’t lurk it till the end of the round Happy style.

If the enemy just starts playing farther back on A site as a result of losing rounds because of early aggression, this is also good since you can just buy full smokes and mollies and make A site into a war zone.

T-Side Fake A

2 T’s go sit outside A main and prepare a the CT And Jungle Smokes, before they throw, the other 3 T’s go B shift walking, one of the T’s in B apps line up a smoke that lands between both triple boxes on A.

After This the 2 T’s at A main throw there smokes and flashes and push, this will force a rotate out of the CT side since they will think 3 smokes have been thrown so it must be A, then the 3 outside Apps shift walk and push out onto B to plant the bomb. Even if one or 2 CT’s stay behind the numbers will be in favour of T’s  and the 2 in a main can play lurk.

(note this will require someone to know the B smoke beforehand to throw)

Mid to B on T(Pistol strat)

2 Smokes and 1 flash are needed.

Part 1: The setup

1 player listens for info on A long.

1 player does the same on B tunnels.

3 players hold mid.


Part 2: The execute

Xbox gets smoked.

Short gets secured.

Ct gets smoked from Xbox and players go b.


Defend B and prepare for a retake.

A Take – B Lurk

So, for this strat it is going to need at least 4 players to work well (I don’t recommend it for 3 or less players).
This strat can work on any buy rounds or pistol rounds.

First step is to get  1 player towards A long and 2 players towards mid.
You’re going to want to make minimum sound so that the CT’s do not sense your presence. Just hold long and mid for a push – normally the CT’s wont push and will just hold mid stairs and long.

Second step is to have your remaining 2 players in B halls – 1 holding the B long push and 1 in top drop holding the boost (be careful for nades).

Once everyone is in position the B long player will through a b site smoke to show presence at B, this will normally make one of the A players drop to connector for a faster rotate.
Right after he/she smokes they must rotate fast to A mid where a quick pop flash into mid and a fast push with the other 2 players will guarantee control.
Now you must work fast to gain A long control with 1 player pushing long from mid stairs and one from outside A long, leaving 2 players in A mid.
The B player needs to hold B halls for a rotate and wait until the push has started onto the A site.
Now that you have mid and long control you can work up onto A site with a smoke at connector and a smoke onto balcony, also 2 quick flashes over mid up onto A site is  great and will definitely give you site.

This is when the B lurker will make a huge impact, if no one has rotated through b halls he can push up into top drop and wait until he hears the B players rotate back to A through B doors.
This is the perfect time to drop as you can catch off a possible 2 rotating CT’s in drop or door.

Now the team on A can plant knowing that no one will be coming from flank.
Stay in safe post plant positions; 1 on A site, 1 long, 1 mid and 1 under balcony and the B player playing around connector.

This is a solid strat that works 99% of times when executed correctly.

Box Smoke B, (PUSH)

This is a strat called “Box Smoke B”. To start this off, you want to rush into tuns.

Go to the pillar directly to your left, go into the corner and look at the entrance to site. (GEN. DIRECTION)

In that direction you will see on the frame a little edge, to the right of it. You want to aim level to it, and to the left. Left click throw it, and wait for it to pop.

Once you have waited for it to pop you want to have 2 go to the left of the smoke clearing back of plat, also known as back box. Afterwards you want someone to get onto the box, (preferably with a smg) and clear car.


Once this is cleared, you should have 2 done. If the team is any smart, they should have 2 coming from mid, and 1 going through tuns. Make one of your teammates smoke off door for the crossover, and later into the round molly off scout.

You should pick off the one going through tuns if you have one molly there to stunt him. After the delay you should pick him off easily. If the enemy is on eco, they can/will rush, if they have guns then they will save. You want to exit through tuns to lower, and stay until the bomb blows.

Throughout this round, you should have picked off at least 3 people if 2 go onto site and wait for a push. I will add video on how to do this push this afternoon.



Rush Cat Mirage

Basically, you want 5 tec 9 armor  4 smoke grenades and 3 flashes. You smoke off all of cat with the 4 smoke grenades and rush through them up to cat. Have one guy stay back and flash Cat twice, one guy appts flashing from appts and 3 rushing up cat. Now while the flashes pot cat and B site are blind and before you know it you have 3 guys rushing cat 1 appts and a guy mid to hold flank and B is yours


The Guaranteed Fake

You need minimum 2 smokes, preferably 3.


In this strat.

1 Player B

2 Players Mid

2 Players Long.

This is a guaranteed fake, so you either end up at A or end up at B,  depending on the momentum. Keep the bomb at T spawn long doors.

The point of the fake is to force 3-4 Ct’s to one side of the map, and entry on 1 or 2 of them.

The strat will have one key engagement

This strat uses common well-known smokes.

This strat requires decent coordination.


The first part requires 1 of the 2 mid players to smoke mid, and take mid control.

Once mid is taken, the 2nd mid player will smoke Mid to B, this is the first fake.

Only 1 CT will rotate from short to CT, or start to push Short (which you should hope he doesn’t, there is a little bit of human-rng to this strat.) One CT will stay posted Long. (Usually)

To ensure they believe the fake, this is where a frag needs to take place, allow one of the mid player without a smoke, to engage mid and attempt to frag a player. One of the CT mid players will be guaranteed to handle your engagement mid so there is a definite chance you will either die or frag the mid player.

If the frag is to your taking, and your team has the man advantage, you can begin to take A. (Optionally, you could smoke B from B Tunnels as-well for extra fakeage). The 2 Double Door players will triple flash long and take control of it, and one of the 2 will proceed to smoke long cross. KEEP THE BOMB at t spawn and allow the rotaters to pick up the bomb as insurance.  The next frag is important, try and frag the player who is posted at long. Then you can successfully take A long and A  control without having to worry about the pesty on-site player who stops you from taking site easily , because he should be pushing CT and he will be smoked off, you better hope he isn’t short or you will have another frag to take care of. Ensure you deploy your smokes swift and fast.


Part 2

If the frag isn’t to your taking, and they have the man advantage, you can refake A and go B. The player posted long or somewhere on A site, will give incorrect information to the CT’s. Here’s how.

One of the 2 T’s long will actually take the bomb and engage with a player with the bomb, a shoulder peek is good enough, because it will show you have the bomb on the mini-map. The call “Bomb A” will be made, and 2 Ct’s will rotate from B, as long as you keep baiting the bomb long, this is where your B lurker can take control of B by attempting to entry frag b with a 1 on 1 engagement. Once B is taken control of, B lurker will smoke it off, and the 2 players mid will en-route to B, while the two players A fall back. Only one of you has a smoke, so you can smoke off mid for safe travels. You want to ensure your A fake with the bomb long works, so make sure you smoke A cross too.

Part 1 CT locations:

The CT’s during the real execution should be:

1 A  <– King

1 A CT (Or could be Short, you should hope not) <– Queen

2 B (or 1/2 Mid) <– Pawns

Part 2 CT locations:

1 B <– King

2 Mid <– Pawns

2 A <– Pawns

The worst scenario for this strat, is if the Short player doesn’t drop CT, or fast pushes short at the start of the round and kills a mid player. Or slow pushes short as the B fake ensues, he can be problematic. The short CT player is their Queen, and the B/A player is their King (In chess, Queen is strongest tower, and the King is the tower to kill to win.)

T Pistol round double fake by CLG

4 players should buy armor, only one guy buys some nades (flashes and a smoke)

Bomb should be dropped to the nade guy

2 people including the nade guy go towards A Main making noise, and 1 more player has to go towards squeeky (opening the door, trying to make noise, but he should not be killed), while 2 other players hold B for pushes, not crossing to sunroom and making no sound (1 guy can watch B, and the other can watch mid)

The nade guy has to peak carefully to show the bomb to enemies and he should throw out most of his nades

Then the 3 people at A should run (not walk) from A main and Door and group up outside of A main

In 10-15 seconds people, who were watching B should run towards B, trying to get the enemies’ attention (there should usually be only one guy) and getting some kills.

CTs will rotate from A to B (you should usually wait from 8-13 seconds), and that’s when 3 players outside main rush towards the A Site.

There should be no CTs (there might be 1, but not more than that), you should be able to easily kill him and plant the bomb (it will be better if you plant it for A main), getting secure positions, because the CTs haven’t had time to rotate properly yet.  And that’s how you win a pistol round as Ts on de_cache

A- smokes

A-smokes the one of the simplest tactics on Mirage you have 4 people go A-ramp while 3 of those smoke CT spawn , Stairs and connector/jungle. One guys goes palace to prevent getting back stabbed from there while going out A. Throw a flash and run out. (You can also utlilise your molotovs by throwing one in sandwich and under palace or fireboxes )

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