Box Smoke B, (PUSH)

This is a strat called “Box Smoke B”. To start this off, you want to rush into tuns.

Go to the pillar directly to your left, go into the corner and look at the entrance to site. (GEN. DIRECTION)

In that direction you will see on the frame a little edge, to the right of it. You want to aim level to it, and to the left. Left click throw it, and wait for it to pop.

Once you have waited for it to pop you want to have 2 go to the left of the smoke clearing back of plat, also known as back box. Afterwards you want someone to get onto the box, (preferably with a smg) and clear car.


Once this is cleared, you should have 2 done. If the team is any smart, they should have 2 coming from mid, and 1 going through tuns. Make one of your teammates smoke off door for the crossover, and later into the round molly off scout.

You should pick off the one going through tuns if you have one molly there to stunt him. After the delay you should pick him off easily. If the enemy is on eco, they can/will rush, if they have guns then they will save. You want to exit through tuns to lower, and stay until the bomb blows.

Throughout this round, you should have picked off at least 3 people if 2 go onto site and wait for a push. I will add video on how to do this push this afternoon.



Rush Cat Mirage

Basically, you want 5 tec 9 armor  4 smoke grenades and 3 flashes. You smoke off all of cat with the 4 smoke grenades and rush through them up to cat. Have one guy stay back and flash Cat twice, one guy appts flashing from appts and 3 rushing up cat. Now while the flashes pot cat and B site are blind and before you know it you have 3 guys rushing cat 1 appts and a guy mid to hold flank and B is yours


The Guaranteed Fake

You need minimum 2 smokes, preferably 3.


In this strat.

1 Player B

2 Players Mid

2 Players Long.

This is a guaranteed fake, so you either end up at A or end up at B,  depending on the momentum. Keep the bomb at T spawn long doors.

The point of the fake is to force 3-4 Ct’s to one side of the map, and entry on 1 or 2 of them.

The strat will have one key engagement

This strat uses common well-known smokes.

This strat requires decent coordination.


The first part requires 1 of the 2 mid players to smoke mid, and take mid control.

Once mid is taken, the 2nd mid player will smoke Mid to B, this is the first fake.

Only 1 CT will rotate from short to CT, or start to push Short (which you should hope he doesn’t, there is a little bit of human-rng to this strat.) One CT will stay posted Long. (Usually)

To ensure they believe the fake, this is where a frag needs to take place, allow one of the mid player without a smoke, to engage mid and attempt to frag a player. One of the CT mid players will be guaranteed to handle your engagement mid so there is a definite chance you will either die or frag the mid player.

If the frag is to your taking, and your team has the man advantage, you can begin to take A. (Optionally, you could smoke B from B Tunnels as-well for extra fakeage). The 2 Double Door players will triple flash long and take control of it, and one of the 2 will proceed to smoke long cross. KEEP THE BOMB at t spawn and allow the rotaters to pick up the bomb as insurance.  The next frag is important, try and frag the player who is posted at long. Then you can successfully take A long and A  control without having to worry about the pesty on-site player who stops you from taking site easily , because he should be pushing CT and he will be smoked off, you better hope he isn’t short or you will have another frag to take care of. Ensure you deploy your smokes swift and fast.


Part 2

If the frag isn’t to your taking, and they have the man advantage, you can refake A and go B. The player posted long or somewhere on A site, will give incorrect information to the CT’s. Here’s how.

One of the 2 T’s long will actually take the bomb and engage with a player with the bomb, a shoulder peek is good enough, because it will show you have the bomb on the mini-map. The call “Bomb A” will be made, and 2 Ct’s will rotate from B, as long as you keep baiting the bomb long, this is where your B lurker can take control of B by attempting to entry frag b with a 1 on 1 engagement. Once B is taken control of, B lurker will smoke it off, and the 2 players mid will en-route to B, while the two players A fall back. Only one of you has a smoke, so you can smoke off mid for safe travels. You want to ensure your A fake with the bomb long works, so make sure you smoke A cross too.

Part 1 CT locations:

The CT’s during the real execution should be:

1 A  <– King

1 A CT (Or could be Short, you should hope not) <– Queen

2 B (or 1/2 Mid) <– Pawns

Part 2 CT locations:

1 B <– King

2 Mid <– Pawns

2 A <– Pawns

The worst scenario for this strat, is if the Short player doesn’t drop CT, or fast pushes short at the start of the round and kills a mid player. Or slow pushes short as the B fake ensues, he can be problematic. The short CT player is their Queen, and the B/A player is their King (In chess, Queen is strongest tower, and the King is the tower to kill to win.)

T Pistol round double fake by CLG

4 players should buy armor, only one guy buys some nades (flashes and a smoke)

Bomb should be dropped to the nade guy

2 people including the nade guy go towards A Main making noise, and 1 more player has to go towards squeeky (opening the door, trying to make noise, but he should not be killed), while 2 other players hold B for pushes, not crossing to sunroom and making no sound (1 guy can watch B, and the other can watch mid)

The nade guy has to peak carefully to show the bomb to enemies and he should throw out most of his nades

Then the 3 people at A should run (not walk) from A main and Door and group up outside of A main

In 10-15 seconds people, who were watching B should run towards B, trying to get the enemies’ attention (there should usually be only one guy) and getting some kills.

CTs will rotate from A to B (you should usually wait from 8-13 seconds), and that’s when 3 players outside main rush towards the A Site.

There should be no CTs (there might be 1, but not more than that), you should be able to easily kill him and plant the bomb (it will be better if you plant it for A main), getting secure positions, because the CTs haven’t had time to rotate properly yet.  And that’s how you win a pistol round as Ts on de_cache

A- smokes

A-smokes the one of the simplest tactics on Mirage you have 4 people go A-ramp while 3 of those smoke CT spawn , Stairs and connector/jungle. One guys goes palace to prevent getting back stabbed from there while going out A. Throw a flash and run out. (You can also utlilise your molotovs by throwing one in sandwich and under palace or fireboxes )


Smoke top mid from T -spawn go out 4/5 mid , one smokes window and one smokes connector then you take cat and go B . ( If 3/ 4 people is enough to take over mid you can let 2 people go from B apps instead of mid and then you meet up while taking B , the one/ones going B apps will smoke top mid from t spawn)

Same strat but you go A instead so the principle is the same Smoke top mid so you dont get picked of from window before you have smoked it , then you smoke window and short instead of connector. Same applies here where 1/2 people can split from A ramp/palace and meet up the people from connector while taking A site. ( you can apply several different smokes to help you take A control.. For example you can let the guys A ramp smoke CT/Jungle etc to simplify taking over the site same goes for molotovs.

Terrorist Pushing Cat (Short)

Run down towards Long doors

Throw smokes for lower tuns and  x box so you won’t be seen by someone watching from ct mid or if somebody pushes upper tuns and rotates through lower

Push up cat to short onto A site with one man watching lower, two watching site, one watching behind, and the last guy to inevitably fuck up a flash or an HE or something

Once looking towards site, check Goose, A ramp, Car, Ninja, On site, and eventually long,

Smoke CT and do your best to prevent a retake from long, cat, CT as the enemy team rotates

Generally, if you have your full team still, two watch Cat, two watch long, and one plays ramp/site for anyone coming through CT




. At least 2 smokes.

. At least 1 Molotov.

. Any weapons you’d like (multi-round strat)


-This is a T strat to counter any CT players in checkers. It isolates them, allowing you to take B site without any threats from checkers unless they push through the smoke.

-This strat is meant to be used when CT’s throw their default B main smoke because you can be picked while throwing the checkers smoke. It can be done while vulnerable, but that’s only recommended on anti-ecos when they don’t have AWPs or long rage capabilities.


  1. Set up for a B take. 4 people is preferable as this is a B site take through main and you’ll be eliminating checkers so you can’t use it to entry.
  2. 2 people need to set up for the molotov/smoke combo.                                                                                            -Smoke:   (skip to 21:51)                                            -Molotov: Just needs to hit the entrance to checkers under vents. This molotov is simply meant to keep anyone in checkers from pushing out into B main. There’s tons of ways to throw it.
  3. While these 2 players are throwing the nade combo, the other three should be holding for aggression. Whether you want 2 watching for flanks from mid and CT or 2 watching for pushes straight through main is personal preference.
  4. Once the nades are thrown, anyone still in checkers is completely isolated. You can now do a regular B site take without worrying about checkers.


-It’s advisable to have whoever you left watching your flank remain a lurker in B main because once the smoke and molly clears, the CT in checkers is going to be a threat. If you have someone in B main, eliminating that CT becomes much easier.

-It’s not advisable to combine this strat with a mid to vents play. Since the CT in checkers will not have vision out of checkers from anywhere besides vents, vents is usually the only angle he’ll be holding. Your teammates from B main will not be able to support you. It’s very risky. Remember, this strat is not meant for a B split. It’s simply a brute force onto B with one spot of the map eliminated. Use it when you know there’s at least one CT in checkers and one CT on site, giving you one however-many-of-you-there-are vs 1 to take the site and then one guaranteed enemy location after site control.

-This strat should be combined with on site smokes that make it easier to take the site through your single entrance. Some recommended smokes are: The default tree room smoke, this on site smoke:, a heaven smoke or molly if you can pull it off.

-The nades for this strat can be thrown by a single person. This opens up two interesting options. First, you can use it for a fake. This is recommended only after you’ve used it once so they’ll actually take the bait. Second, if your team does a rare mid to Z play, you can eliminate checkers for them and entry through B main while they entry through tree room.

-The times you should use this strat are: 1) When they consistently post an AWP  on B main. Often times the AWP will fall back into checkers or simply play in checkers. 2) To counter a vent boost. If you think they’re doing a vent boost, smoking checkers and flashing through the B main smoke onto the site can catch the booster off guard and leave the player boosted in vents completely unable to do anything. If you’re really fast and really lucky, you can completely isolate both of them and if they were playing a 2 B setup, now you have the B site for free. If you’re really, really lucky, you can roast one or both with your molotov. 3) To counter a CT B main default smoke. Often times CTs will smoke B main to stop a rush. You can use their smoke as cover to throw your checkers smoke. If you really want to do a B split with this strat, substitute the molotov for a popflash into checkers and have someone or a pair clear it. Now you have checkers control and can split the site once your checkers smoke clears, although it’s advisable to just use a different strat if you want to do a B split.


Organized B take /eco

So the team does a 3 B/ 1short /1 long split with two of the three going lower tunnels to mid

You pop flash mid doors to your teammate then smoke off ct which by that your short comes and hold ct spawn so no one pushes through the smoke and the guy in long rotates to top of mid to stop the lurker

Then the 1 guy in tunnels and the 2 in middle flash all 3 entries (b door/tunnel entrance/window) and clean the site easily

Cache B Split

First of all you need to know if you want to hold or if you want to rush, in pistol rounds if you want to do this strategy you probably would want to rush, but you can hold too. So in the start of the round 3 T’s will go towards the mid garage area and the other 2 T’s will go to B area just holding expecting someone to push (they probably will). Then if no one push B or mid garage you will need to do the wall smoke on mid, here’s a tutorial for you ( (Do only the 2 smokes, don’t to that top roof one unless you want), then someone throws a flash over the red container on mid garage and then enter mid to vent, you probably would want to enter the bombsite in sync (same time) of your teammates, and then if you want smoke CT (three) or heaven, then plant the bomb here ( ) and play the postplant situation. You can add molotovs to the strat (over the roof to bombsite B), or you can take smokes from the strat and buy just kevlars and try the strat without any smoke. That’s it HF

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