Cache B Split

First of all you need to know if you want to hold or if you want to rush, in pistol rounds if you want to do this strategy you probably would want to rush, but you can hold too. So in the start of the round 3 T’s will go towards the mid garage area and the other 2 T’s will go to B area just holding expecting someone to push (they probably will). Then if no one push B or mid garage you will need to do the wall smoke on mid, here’s a tutorial for you ( (Do only the 2 smokes, don’t to that top roof one unless you want), then someone throws a flash over the red container on mid garage and then enter mid to vent, you probably would want to enter the bombsite in sync (same time) of your teammates, and then if you want smoke CT (three) or heaven, then plant the bomb here ( ) and play the postplant situation. You can add molotovs to the strat (over the roof to bombsite B), or you can take smokes from the strat and buy just kevlars and try the strat without any smoke. That’s it HF

T full eco. Waterfall tactic

If you play against really passive ct’s and you have to full eco, just go in palace, make sure you dont make sound. So sneak dont peek and just stay in palace. You wait until there are only 10 seconds left the you jump out palace all together. Your only goal is to get a plant, so just plant.

in Master Guardian it works 4/5 times to get a plant.

A Split

2 of your team are going to go on Cat. 1 of them will need a smoke to smoke off xbox. There are tons of ways to do this just look it up on YT. The other 3 on your team are going down long. They will need a smoke and 2 flash bangs. One will flash the corner  when rushing through doors to back the awper on the corner off that’s usually there posted up. After long is clear the three will make there way up long and one will smoke the cross from CT spawn to A site. Also an easy smoke to learn from YT or workshop maps. The key to the strat is making sure the long rush and cat rush make it to site the same time to take out any CT’s holding the site. Get the plant-plant for long or cat. This means you can watch the bomb from angles from long(pit area) or catwalk. Post plant you should have 1 player long, 1 player cat, 1 player watching CT spawn, 1 goose and the last anywhere else just supporting the other 4. GLHF

B Split

Well my strat is pretty simple but however some people still don’t manage to do it correctly.

Its the simple B split.
Your whole team goes to tunnels and walk from there. 3 Of your teammates go to lower (The other 2 stay upper)  and smoke CT then they flash and push out whenever your team enters the CT mid the other 2 of your teammates push from upper making the CT’s confused and not knowing where to aim. Yea thats pretty much it. then you just hold and wait for them to push.

Fast B take (rus style)

Start of with buying full kevlar and P90. You can spice it up with flashbangs to flash your teammates.
Then scream in mic “CYKA BLYAT DAVAI B”
Then proceed by rushing B.
If you win say “Davai my friend ” in mic.
If you loose scream in mic “Fucking american capitalist”

T side default

One T lurks around A site. Bomb is dropped in dragon room. 1 or 2 Ts works drop control. 1 T throws an olof smoke and gets out plat. 1 or 2 Ts can be on plat to hold.

Mirage pistol round T

During the first round 3 terrorists full sprint to b and engage in gun fights at b car , and when the get the pick they rotate through underpass to A. The other two guys are on A palace with the bomb and They plant it for connector. Then you just hold your positions and win the round.

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