Long Side DD Cleaning Team

Needed for this strat:

A Galil, AWP, UMP45, Scout (if you are a god with it)

2 Flashes(for safety)

You need to spawn right on mid or closer, if you spawn farther (but not far enough that you see B Side) you should buy flashes or bhop.

When the Freeze time finishes, rush to long Side ddoors.

You will arrive there sooner than the CT (if they are not a bunny god),then start to shoot the place where they look at doors.

If you did these perfectly and there is noone there, dont even check the other places.

You got the DDs cleared!

Mid 2 A

Buy 5 smokes and smoke CT.

Flash 2 times in the smoke and another teammate throws a flash high up mid so window gets flashed.

Then your other teammate throws 2 flashbangs towards short and then you rush through the ct smoke in mid. The 5 smokes will make people not go through the smoke because the dank is so strong they’re going to lag. EZ strat

Cat Drop down

What You Need:

4x Smoke Grenades
4x Teammates who will listen to you
5x Armour+Kevlar
5x Guns (Any Gun is fine but I recommend not doing this with Glocks after the first round)

What you do is have 2 teammates smoke off long isolating Pit.
1 Person smokes X-Box
other 3 people go up catwalk
one smokes ct
push up Catwalk by throwing Flashbangs ahead of you
drop down and push up ramp
your two people long should have killed the player in pit allowing you to push site safely
Congrats you now have the A Bombsite on Dust II,

[T] Pistol Round Long Fake, B Take

1 player buys smoke, 2 flash. At the start of the round, 2 players hold upper tunnels, one holds lower. The player with utilities will flash a lurker into long, then drop a decoy in doors. The lurker will take a few shots, then drop a decoy and rotate to mid doors. The lower player will rotate to mid doors, as the utility player smokes mid to B, then flashes all 3 in. The lurker will stay mid to hold off rotates, as the 4 others simultaneously push B site. The goal of this strat is to pull out 1 B player to mid or A, as a retake vs 4 on B site is very hard to do.

Decoy Strat [Dust 2]

As a T,

  1. Instruct all team members to buy a decoy
  2. Head towards B tuns but don’t jump down from T spawn
  3. Wait until 1:45 (or whenever) and throw all of the decoys into/around the tunnel entrance
  4. Immediately after throwing the decoys, turn around and rush long to A site as fast as possible.
  5. Win!

If you want to mindfuck the other team in the round after you use this strat, throws decoys B again as described but then RUSH B instead.




Silver Strats at their finest!

Holding B Upper with AWP

This strat is basically a one-way smoke that has a devastating effect.

By throwing the tunnel smoke at the exit stairs rather than into the tunnel, a player standing on Big Box can look over it and into Tunnels. With an AWP, you get an easy pick on players inside Uppers.

Invisible B Defence (CT)

This strat works by tricking the T watching Mid into thinking that you have stacked A.

Part 1: Invisible Cross.

Before anyone crosses, have a player crouch in front of the APC. Then have your B players jump on his head and just over the cross. From T spawn you will be completely invisible.


Part 2: Counter-Take.

Position your players outside B, so they cannot be seen, but can hear what’s going on inside the site. With any luck, a T will start to plant without any of his team pushing onto B ramp. This is when you push. Going through Door and Window simultaneously is key, as you need to confuse your opponents. Flashing in is not a good idea, it gives warning to the Ts that you are pushing.

The Window player should clear site, while the Door player should clear Back Plat and Car. With the whole purpose of the strat being to do as much damage as possible, prioritise killing as many of the Ts as you can. Since your team should all be alive at this point, even if you both die the rest of your team can push B again in another wave, it’s the information that the first two players give them.

Mid to B on T(Pistol strat)

2 Smokes and 1 flash are needed.

Part 1: The setup

1 player listens for info on A long.

1 player does the same on B tunnels.

3 players hold mid.


Part 2: The execute

Xbox gets smoked.

Short gets secured.

Ct gets smoked from Xbox and players go b.


Defend B and prepare for a retake.

Box Smoke B, (PUSH)

This is a strat called “Box Smoke B”. To start this off, you want to rush into tuns.

Go to the pillar directly to your left, go into the corner and look at the entrance to site. (GEN. DIRECTION)

In that direction you will see on the frame a little edge, to the right of it. You want to aim level to it, and to the left. Left click throw it, and wait for it to pop.

Once you have waited for it to pop you want to have 2 go to the left of the smoke clearing back of plat, also known as back box. Afterwards you want someone to get onto the box, (preferably with a smg) and clear car.


Once this is cleared, you should have 2 done. If the team is any smart, they should have 2 coming from mid, and 1 going through tuns. Make one of your teammates smoke off door for the crossover, and later into the round molly off scout.

You should pick off the one going through tuns if you have one molly there to stunt him. After the delay you should pick him off easily. If the enemy is on eco, they can/will rush, if they have guns then they will save. You want to exit through tuns to lower, and stay until the bomb blows.

Throughout this round, you should have picked off at least 3 people if 2 go onto site and wait for a push. I will add video on how to do this push this afternoon.



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