T-Side Fake A

2 T’s go sit outside A main and prepare a the CT And Jungle Smokes, before they throw, the other 3 T’s go B shift walking, one of the T’s in B apps line up a smoke that lands between both triple boxes on A.

After This the 2 T’s at A main throw there smokes and flashes and push, this will force a rotate out of the CT side since they will think 3 smokes have been thrown so it must be A, then the 3 outside Apps shift walk and push out onto B to plant the bomb. Even if one or 2 CT’s stay behind the numbers will be in favour of T’s  and the 2 in a main can play lurk.

(note this will require someone to know the B smoke beforehand to throw)

Rush Cat Mirage

Basically, you want 5 tec 9 armor  4 smoke grenades and 3 flashes. You smoke off all of cat with the 4 smoke grenades and rush through them up to cat. Have one guy stay back and flash Cat twice, one guy appts flashing from appts and 3 rushing up cat. Now while the flashes pot cat and B site are blind and before you know it you have 3 guys rushing cat 1 appts and a guy mid to hold flank and B is yours


A- smokes

A-smokes the one of the simplest tactics on Mirage you have 4 people go A-ramp while 3 of those smoke CT spawn , Stairs and connector/jungle. One guys goes palace to prevent getting back stabbed from there while going out A. Throw a flash and run out. (You can also utlilise your molotovs by throwing one in sandwich and under palace or fireboxes )


Smoke top mid from T -spawn go out 4/5 mid , one smokes window and one smokes connector then you take cat and go B . ( If 3/ 4 people is enough to take over mid you can let 2 people go from B apps instead of mid and then you meet up while taking B , the one/ones going B apps will smoke top mid from t spawn)

Same strat but you go A instead so the principle is the same Smoke top mid so you dont get picked of from window before you have smoked it , then you smoke window and short instead of connector. Same applies here where 1/2 people can split from A ramp/palace and meet up the people from connector while taking A site. ( you can apply several different smokes to help you take A control.. For example you can let the guys A ramp smoke CT/Jungle etc to simplify taking over the site same goes for molotovs.

T full eco. Waterfall tactic

If you play against really passive ct’s and you have to full eco, just go in palace, make sure you dont make sound. So sneak dont peek and just stay in palace. You wait until there are only 10 seconds left the you jump out palace all together. Your only goal is to get a plant, so just plant.

in Master Guardian it works 4/5 times to get a plant.

Mirage pistol round T

During the first round 3 terrorists full sprint to b and engage in gun fights at b car , and when the get the pick they rotate through underpass to A. The other two guys are on A palace with the bomb and They plant it for connector. Then you just hold your positions and win the round.

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