A mirage exploit

the strat is simple

in a full buy round

the simple split at the first of the round ( 1 b apps –1 underpass // passive play waiting for aggression + playing off angles // 1 mid holding connector / top mid area –player palace –a main //  passive mode …… when timer at 1:00 or 0:40 .. as you like the b apps player throwes a smoke on windows at b apps the molly bench + throwing 2 different flashes at b // in the same time the player mid come back and rejoin the two a players and throws ct  + stairs + jungle smoke 1 player will go palace and molly under wood flash and drop in the same time one of this 2 players main ( should be awper ) will flash for those 2 guys ( palace + main ) and rush with a molly on triple

the underpass player should re-smoke window and molly jungle from there and go to ladder room wait for mistakes // the b player should be flank on ct or short as well // the bomb will be planted for short the ladder room player must be the winning piece of you

enjoy guys !

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