A Split

2 of your team are going to go on Cat. 1 of them will need a smoke to smoke off xbox. There are tons of ways to do this just look it up on YT. The other 3 on your team are going down long. They will need a smoke and 2 flash bangs. One will flash the corner¬† when rushing through doors to back the awper on the corner off that’s usually there posted up. After long is clear the three will make there way up long and one will smoke the cross from CT spawn to A site. Also an easy smoke to learn from YT or workshop maps. The key to the strat is making sure the long rush and cat rush make it to site the same time to take out any CT’s holding the site. Get the plant-plant for long or cat. This means you can watch the bomb from angles from long(pit area) or catwalk. Post plant you should have 1 player long, 1 player cat, 1 player watching CT spawn, 1 goose and the last anywhere else just supporting the other 4. GLHF

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