A Take – B Lurk

So, for this strat it is going to need at least 4 players to work well (I don’t recommend it for 3 or less players).
This strat can work on any buy rounds or pistol rounds.

First step is to get  1 player towards A long and 2 players towards mid.
You’re going to want to make minimum sound so that the CT’s do not sense your presence. Just hold long and mid for a push – normally the CT’s wont push and will just hold mid stairs and long.

Second step is to have your remaining 2 players in B halls – 1 holding the B long push and 1 in top drop holding the boost (be careful for nades).

Once everyone is in position the B long player will through a b site smoke to show presence at B, this will normally make one of the A players drop to connector for a faster rotate.
Right after he/she smokes they must rotate fast to A mid where a quick pop flash into mid and a fast push with the other 2 players will guarantee control.
Now you must work fast to gain A long control with 1 player pushing long from mid stairs and one from outside A long, leaving 2 players in A mid.
The B player needs to hold B halls for a rotate and wait until the push has started onto the A site.
Now that you have mid and long control you can work up onto A site with a smoke at connector and a smoke onto balcony, also 2 quick flashes over mid up onto A site is  great and will definitely give you site.

This is when the B lurker will make a huge impact, if no one has rotated through b halls he can push up into top drop and wait until he hears the B players rotate back to A through B doors.
This is the perfect time to drop as you can catch off a possible 2 rotating CT’s in drop or door.

Now the team on A can plant knowing that no one will be coming from flank.
Stay in safe post plant positions; 1 on A site, 1 long, 1 mid and 1 under balcony and the B player playing around connector.

This is a solid strat that works 99% of times when executed correctly.

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