. At least 2 smokes.

. At least 1 Molotov.

. Any weapons you’d like (multi-round strat)


-This is a T strat to counter any CT players in checkers. It isolates them, allowing you to take B site without any threats from checkers unless they push through the smoke.

-This strat is meant to be used when CT’s throw their default B main smoke because you can be picked while throwing the checkers smoke. It can be done while vulnerable, but that’s only recommended on anti-ecos when they don’t have AWPs or long rage capabilities.


  1. Set up for a B take. 4 people is preferable as this is a B site take through main and you’ll be eliminating checkers so you can’t use it to entry.
  2. 2 people need to set up for the molotov/smoke combo.                                                                                            -Smoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsubkrgXNSQ   (skip to 21:51)                                            -Molotov: Just needs to hit the entrance to checkers under vents. This molotov is simply meant to keep anyone in checkers from pushing out into B main. There’s tons of ways to throw it.
  3. While these 2 players are throwing the nade combo, the other three should be holding for aggression. Whether you want 2 watching for flanks from mid and CT or 2 watching for pushes straight through main is personal preference.
  4. Once the nades are thrown, anyone still in checkers is completely isolated. You can now do a regular B site take without worrying about checkers.


-It’s advisable to have whoever you left watching your flank remain a lurker in B main because once the smoke and molly clears, the CT in checkers is going to be a threat. If you have someone in B main, eliminating that CT becomes much easier.

-It’s not advisable to combine this strat with a mid to vents play. Since the CT in checkers will not have vision out of checkers from anywhere besides vents, vents is usually the only angle he’ll be holding. Your teammates from B main will not be able to support you. It’s very risky. Remember, this strat is not meant for a B split. It’s simply a brute force onto B with one spot of the map eliminated. Use it when you know there’s at least one CT in checkers and one CT on site, giving you one however-many-of-you-there-are vs 1 to take the site and then one guaranteed enemy location after site control.

-This strat should be combined with on site smokes that make it easier to take the site through your single entrance. Some recommended smokes are: The default tree room smoke, this on site smoke:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiNziMzc1G0, a heaven smoke or molly if you can pull it off.

-The nades for this strat can be thrown by a single person. This opens up two interesting options. First, you can use it for a fake. This is recommended only after you’ve used it once so they’ll actually take the bait. Second, if your team does a rare mid to Z play, you can eliminate checkers for them and entry through B main while they entry through tree room.

-The times you should use this strat are: 1) When they consistently post an AWP  on B main. Often times the AWP will fall back into checkers or simply play in checkers. 2) To counter a vent boost. If you think they’re doing a vent boost, smoking checkers and flashing through the B main smoke onto the site can catch the booster off guard and leave the player boosted in vents completely unable to do anything. If you’re really fast and really lucky, you can completely isolate both of them and if they were playing a 2 B setup, now you have the B site for free. If you’re really, really lucky, you can roast one or both with your molotov. 3) To counter a CT B main default smoke. Often times CTs will smoke B main to stop a rush. You can use their smoke as cover to throw your checkers smoke. If you really want to do a B split with this strat, substitute the molotov for a popflash into checkers and have someone or a pair clear it. Now you have checkers control and can split the site once your checkers smoke clears, although it’s advisable to just use a different strat if you want to do a B split.


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