Basic Infos Cobblestone

On this site you can find some Basic Infos for the competetive map Cobblestone such as Call-Outs,Smokes,Flashes and Molotovs.

Cobblestone Map Call-Outs

Importent Call-Outs (most imporatent ones in my eyes)

B Plat




CT Ramp

Long A


A Doors

B Doors

Cobblestone Smokes

Importent Smokes

Chicken Smoke

Drop Smoke

All A Smokes

Connector/Doors B Smoke

Balcony Smoke

Cobblestone Flashes

Importent Flashes

Popflash B Platform

Popflash Drop

Popflash Water

Cobblestone Molotov

didnt found a good video 🙁

Importent Molotovs

Molotov for Chicken

Molotov for Droproom

Molotov for Tree

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