Froce buy strat Inferno

What do you need for this strat?
– 5 players

What do you need to buy ?
-cevlar with out helmets
– p250 or five seven
– 5 HE-grenade

How does this strat work?
Three players need to go to the B site of the map and throw their grenades down bananna.After they did this they need to push down bananna and kill all the terrorists on the way down (they should be low health now cause of the nades).
The other two players go to the A stie of the map and throw their nades down mid and after they throw their nades they need to push down mid.
If you are lucky you can kill 2 or 3 players with your nade and then just kill the rest of the players with your pistols.

This strat is really easy to use and requires only a bank of like 1700 $ and can end up in a win for you!

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