Inferno Apartments Pistol round

What do you need for this strat?
– 5 players

What do you need to buy for this strat ?
-cevlar with out helmets
-2x Flashbangs
-2 Smoke

How does this strat work?
All 5 players need to rush up seconde mid into apartments.Dont even go mid cause most of the ct players will peek mid and can easily kill you with there USP’s cause the have an advantage over your GLOCK.Once you reached apartmens make sure no ct is hidding somewhere and clean it up.After that you have to be fast cause the B ct players most likely already checked Bananna and called it to there team mates.So to execute this strat 3 players have to go to the boiler door and 2 players are going to the balkony.Now the players on boiler need to smoke out long and popflash theire self out to short and storm the guy playing short with a little Glock train in the mean time the 2 guys playing balcony popflash theire self out too and jump down into pit and kill the flashed pit player.After that you should use your last smoke to cover long/libary and plant the bomb (if you got time plant it for balcony).

After plant positions
The best after plant postions you can take are Pit,balcony and the bombsite itself (just sit behind a box) or one player could go boiler room if you have time for it.But the most important thing is not to face the ct players when they are arriving to the bombsite!Just let them come and dont give them free kills that way they wont have time in the end to defuse the bomb cause they are looking for you.

This strat is really easy to use all you have to do is be fast and get good after plant positions in matchmaking this strat works 3 out of 4 times.

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