Pistol Strat

Inferno Pistol B-Fake

What do you need to buy for this strat ?

– 1x Player cevlar with out helmets
– 6x Flashbangs
– 4x Smoke

➜ TiM ➜ B Smoke (CT) ➜ Flash Roof (Banan) ➜ Flash Wall (Banan)

➜ FurKaNo ➜ Kontrol (Banan) ➜ Smoke (CT) ➜ 2x Flash (B Site)

➜ Silence ➜ Smoke (Moto) ➜ 2x Flash (A Site)

➜ w0wj ➜ Rush Apps ➜ Balcon ➜ Pit

➜ Flagg ➜ Smoke (A Site)

Pistol Strat Map:

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