Cache B Split

First of all you need to know if you want to hold or if you want to rush, in pistol rounds if you want to do this strategy you probably would want to rush, but you can hold too. So in the start of the round 3 T’s will go towards the mid garage area and the other 2 T’s will go to B area just holding expecting someone to push (they probably will). Then if no one push B or mid garage you will need to do the wall smoke on mid, here’s a tutorial for you ( (Do only the 2 smokes, don’t to that top roof one unless you want), then someone throws a flash over the red container on mid garage and then enter mid to vent, you probably would want to enter the bombsite in sync (same time) of your teammates, and then if you want smoke CT (three) or heaven, then plant the bomb here ( ) and play the postplant situation. You can add molotovs to the strat (over the roof to bombsite B), or you can take smokes from the strat and buy just kevlars and try the strat without any smoke. That’s it HF

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