Mirage Big Brain Strat

1 Guy Full utility Rifle  {With bomb} {Must be Top fragger to survive long enough|

Go palace A SITE


2 Guys Go mid ONE AWP ONE Rifle


2 guys go apartment Both of them throws 4 flashes and one smoke

Then guy goes underpass to assist mid


1 rushes apartment b

When you have full mid control 2 Guys go connector and the awper goes Sniper Nest

Then palace player pushes to secure ramp and Under





one player buys two flashbangs and a smoke

everyone else buys kevlar


rush down mid shooting at window and connector. Then trough underpass shooting to apartments one flashbang may be thrown to b site the back to spawn and out to a site with the last flashbang. The smoke should be used to block off ct or connector/jungle depending on where the enemy is coming from.

Simple 3 smoke execute to A. (T-Side)

Player 1: Throws smoke to block vision from CT-Spawn.

Player 2: Throws smoke to block vision from jungle and connector. Then he throws 2 fast flash bangs and runs to A. the whole team will follow.

Player 3. Throws smoke to block vision from stairs.

Player 4. Go’s to palace. He throws 2 flash bangs to site, while Player 5 and the intire team runs to A.

Kill everyone and plant the bomb to default. In Game Leader setups the team correctly and wins the round.

Mirage T side bamboozle

Mirage t strats

Buy round

4 riflers

1 awp

5 decoys, 5 flashes, 4 Molotov’s, 5 smokes

Riflers will split into two groups, 2(A) 2(B)

Awper goes mid

Round start: 5 decoys over on to A site

B group rushes B apps at round start right after decoys, 1st B player throws a b window smoke, while the other B player flashes over high, followed by a Molotov’s on van and another one on bench or “get right”. Try to force a kill, if not start walking underpass

Awper  at round starts throws window smoke from spawn and watches connector , eventually push up to chair, spotting for a kill


A players throws two smokes over jungle and another between triple and default, 2 Molotovs, one to stairs from palace and one Molotov Ct from ramp

Awper molotovs snipers window while the 2 B players pushes up underpass players and one *quietly* boosts into window with awper holding cat

B player that boosted into window needs control jungle/stairs and hold ct cubbyhole for rotates

At the same time B player are pushing out to underpass, one more flash from a ramp so the other A Palace player can push out to default and hide in firebox, A ramp player plants bomb on the t side of triple box in the smoke for A ramp and connector.

ideally with this strat you would not have to deal with the A players directly, as you can either pick off or ignore the CT player and let the B underpass player that boosted into window kill the jungle/ stairs player form flank, awper objective is to stay alive and play the bomb late round from cat


CSGO Mirage Execute on B, with a player lurking on A

First 20 Seconds means, Mid-Control with 2 Smokes and 1 Molotov, 1 Smoke Window and 1 Smoke Short Deep. After that Molotov Connector and take the Mid. On Mid the AWP-er checks the Window smoke and a player is pushing up to Chair, where his job is to check Short. The A guy has to wait and force the enemy team to use they’re nades. The B guy has to check under, that means PopFlash under and check at the same time with the peek from Middle. After that, he walks back and checks for any push from Apps. At 0:50 the players from Middle have to be sure that no one is there, so the A guy prepares a One-Way-Smoke Ramp to make the CT’s from B to rotate. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd guy from Middle goes short with a smoke close, so they can be close to B. The B-Apps Player smokes window or back site and pushes Apps by molotoving close/balcony B. The Short Player together with the Chair player are going to push short and check the site. And the A player enters A, trying to catch the Rotation. The AWP-er from Middle checks Under and Short push, so the 3 Players from B have to check only Kitchen and Apps (if the A-Ramp guy dies).

Mirage Pistol T

Mirage default pistol tactic A site –

player 1 = vest

player 2 = vest

player 3 = vest

player 4 = 2x flash, 1x smoke

player 5 = 1x molotov, 1x smoke



players 1,2,3 walk into A palace


players 4,5 smoke off jungle(bottom stairs) and stairs

player 5 molotov CT

player 4  flashes over



players 1,2,3 rush into site and then 2 of them push ct

player 4 flash for them ct

player 3 and 5 plant the bomb for ct


A mirage exploit

the strat is simple

in a full buy round

the simple split at the first of the round ( 1 b apps –1 underpass // passive play waiting for aggression + playing off angles // 1 mid holding connector / top mid area –player palace –a main //  passive mode …… when timer at 1:00 or 0:40 .. as you like the b apps player throwes a smoke on windows at b apps the molly bench + throwing 2 different flashes at b // in the same time the player mid come back and rejoin the two a players and throws ct  + stairs + jungle smoke 1 player will go palace and molly under wood flash and drop in the same time one of this 2 players main ( should be awper ) will flash for those 2 guys ( palace + main ) and rush with a molly on triple

the underpass player should re-smoke window and molly jungle from there and go to ladder room wait for mistakes // the b player should be flank on ct or short as well // the bomb will be planted for short the ladder room player must be the winning piece of you

enjoy guys !

Waterfall Tactic

This tactic is based on a “giveup” round, what you wanna do is buy p250 if you’re on a low budget, then everyone needs to go fast into apps or sneak until the reach the intrence to A-site, throw a smoke out the entrance and fall onto b-site like a Waterfall, do your best to get the bomb Down on a-site and try to get a couple of frags.

List of Things you will need:

4-5 p250 (2k budget)

1 smoke to throw out onto balcon of Palace.

The “Couscous” Strat (T Side, No specific site)

-4 Rifles (or PM but it’s not as efficient)

-1 AWP or Scout (he absolutely needs a P250)

-(Stuff can be usefull but you can do without it)

1 Rifle goes palace, 1 A ramp, 1 B aps and 1 underpass.
The sniper goes mid and takes a safe line on short.
Wait for push. If they don’t, try to get a kill on someone.
If your team entries, every rifle push on his position and the sniper watch mid for rotation. Then, attack the least protected site and fast plant.–>Ez win.

If the ennemy entries, make a lot of noise on both sites, regroup on mid and attack a site as fast as possible.–> The site is taken, the bomb is planted but the win is not assured.

In this strat, the ennemy can’t flank you !


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