Cobble Strat

Cobblestone : T side – (Pistol Round) A: Kevlar B: Smoke + Flash C: Smoke D: CZ dropped from C + Kevlar E: P250 dropped from B + Kevlar 1.Run a default to hold for any CT aggression for 15 to 20 seconds. (2 B 3 outside Mid) 2a. After that, SpaZ and HAHA and Frost go B platform. Meanwhile Opsrey and Ohms are waiting by statue. Smoke B plat and Frost will lurk around the smoke. Job of Frost is to stop the CTs from rotating. SpaZ goes back to join A (bomb) at A long after smoking B plat 2b. Meanwhile, HAHA and Osprey will clear out mid and danger. Once clear, SpaZ and Ohms will walk up A long. 3. Osprey smokes connector and flashes the site while everyone but frost hit the site. Frost can either rotate back to drop room to listen for info and stop rotations or fight the CTs at B. CTSide: ( 1-1-1-0-2) (Long, Mid, Drop, 2 Bsite) Mid player throws a smokes that pops in B long on his way down to mid doors, Meanwhile the cat person is holding an aggressive angle waiting for the push at cat. Drop player will hold a basic angle watching drop. One person on B sits plat with an awp waiting for a pick, then falls back to statue. Meanwhile the other player is sitting on chicken coup and throws a molly and a flash for AWPer to fall back


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