CSGO Mirage Execute on B, with a player lurking on A

First 20 Seconds means, Mid-Control with 2 Smokes and 1 Molotov, 1 Smoke Window and 1 Smoke Short Deep. After that Molotov Connector and take the Mid. On Mid the AWP-er checks the Window smoke and a player is pushing up to Chair, where his job is to check Short. The A guy has to wait and force the enemy team to use they’re nades. The B guy has to check under, that means PopFlash under and check at the same time with the peek from Middle. After that, he walks back and checks for any push from Apps. At 0:50 the players from Middle have to be sure that no one is there, so the A guy prepares a One-Way-Smoke Ramp to make the CT’s from B to rotate. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd guy from Middle goes short with a smoke close, so they can be close to B. The B-Apps Player smokes window or back site and pushes Apps by molotoving close/balcony B. The Short Player together with the Chair player are going to push short and check the site. And the A player enters A, trying to catch the Rotation. The AWP-er from Middle checks Under and Short push, so the 3 Players from B have to check only Kitchen and Apps (if the A-Ramp guy dies).

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