Invisible B Defence (CT)

This strat works by tricking the T watching Mid into thinking that you have stacked A.

Part 1: Invisible Cross.

Before anyone crosses, have a player crouch in front of the APC. Then have your B players jump on his head and just over the cross. From T spawn you will be completely invisible.


Part 2: Counter-Take.

Position your players outside B, so they cannot be seen, but can hear what’s going on inside the site. With any luck, a T will start to plant without any of his team pushing onto B ramp. This is when you push. Going through Door and Window simultaneously is key, as you need to confuse your opponents. Flashing in is not a good idea, it gives warning to the Ts that you are pushing.

The Window player should clear site, while the Door player should clear Back Plat and Car. With the whole purpose of the strat being to do as much damage as possible, prioritise killing as many of the Ts as you can. Since your team should all be alive at this point, even if you both die the rest of your team can push B again in another wave, it’s the information that the first two players give them.

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