Smoke top mid from T -spawn go out 4/5 mid , one smokes window and one smokes connector then you take cat and go B . ( If 3/ 4 people is enough to take over mid you can let 2 people go from B apps instead of mid and then you meet up while taking B , the one/ones going B apps will smoke top mid from t spawn)

Same strat but you go A instead so the principle is the same Smoke top mid so you dont get picked of from window before you have smoked it , then you smoke window and short instead of connector. Same applies here where 1/2 people can split from A ramp/palace and meet up the people from connector while taking A site. ( you can apply several different smokes to help you take A control.. For example you can let the guys A ramp smoke CT/Jungle etc to simplify taking over the site same goes for molotovs.

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