Mirage A/B Strat

Requirements: 1 AWP, 5 smokes

Player 1, Player 2, Player3 will wait in a ramp with smokes.

AWP (Player 4) will go mid and Player 5 will go underpass. Player 5 needs to throw a smoke to help player 4 to go to upper mid (behind boxes). Then Player 5 will go underpass, when he is ready, Player 4 will smoke short and Player 5 will walk slowly towards connector when player 4 is disturbing the guy that is in window. Now, there are 3 scenerios that can happen.


1) There is a CT waiting in connector. Once Player 5 kills him, Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 will smoke off CT-Stairs-Jungle and use flash if needed and rush towards a site. Player 5 will try to kill if someone is in window. After you get in site and plant the bomb, Player 4 will stay in mid to backstab the CT’s that are routating from short to A.


2) If there is no CT in connector, Player 5 will walk slowly to window and kill that guy, once he kills him, Player 1-2-3 will smoke off CT-Stairs-Jungle and rush towards A

3) If there is no CT in connector, Player 5 will walk slowly to window, but if there is nobody in window aswell, Player 1-2-3 will routate to b apps from tspawn. Player 5 will go towards kitchen and he will try to backstap CTs. player 1-2-3 will throw Bench-Short-Market(window in the kitchen) smokes if it’s needed. Meanwhile Player 4 will wait in middle and tries to backstab people who are routating from A to short/underpass

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