Mirage T side bamboozle

Mirage t strats

Buy round

4 riflers

1 awp

5 decoys, 5 flashes, 4 Molotov’s, 5 smokes

Riflers will split into two groups, 2(A) 2(B)

Awper goes mid

Round start: 5 decoys over on to A site

B group rushes B apps at round start right after decoys, 1st B player throws a b window smoke, while the other B player flashes over high, followed by a Molotov’s on van and another one on bench or “get right”. Try to force a kill, if not start walking underpass

Awper  at round starts throws window smoke from spawn and watches connector , eventually push up to chair, spotting for a kill


A players throws two smokes over jungle and another between triple and default, 2 Molotovs, one to stairs from palace and one Molotov Ct from ramp

Awper molotovs snipers window while the 2 B players pushes up underpass players and one *quietly* boosts into window with awper holding cat

B player that boosted into window needs control jungle/stairs and hold ct cubbyhole for rotates

At the same time B player are pushing out to underpass, one more flash from a ramp so the other A Palace player can push out to default and hide in firebox, A ramp player plants bomb on the t side of triple box in the smoke for A ramp and connector.

ideally with this strat you would not have to deal with the A players directly, as you can either pick off or ignore the CT player and let the B underpass player that boosted into window kill the jungle/ stairs player form flank, awper objective is to stay alive and play the bomb late round from cat


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