Overpass CT side eco/force connector strat

If you lost the pistol as CT or have to eco later in the game, you might wanna engage in this forward stack. It works mostly because of CS:GOs debatably OP pistols.


  • Three players go into connector.
    • One in the corner next to the door, hiding
    • One behind the stairs, watching for the connector push
    • One up the stairs next to the shelves, watching top of connector
  • One player to bathrooms to watch upper or swing long
  • One player to spot B


Everyone should buy at least a P250 because of the insane stopping power close range. There’s a high possibility to get guns, so armor is also recommended. If this is the second round of the half when the enemy is buying SMGs, a helmet might win it all for you. The player on B could buy a deagle to harass and possibly get one taps. You don’t need to get nades.


In connector everyone is waiting for the guy behind stairs to shoot, then swing out and destroy the Ts as they try to get connector control. Don’t throw any nades or in connector, since you want them to push you.

If they come from fountain, there’s another bait and switch with the player up the stairs and the player in bathrooms.

If Ts don’t go into connector, you’ve got three players ready to flank them instantly. If you’re feeling bold, you can also do the boost watching from stairs into water through the small windows. 5-7 is lethal at that range.

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