T mid control to B


3 smokes (maybe 4 but unneeded)

1 moltov

Flashes (as many as you want)


2 people throw smoke t make the  middle wall of smokes and one throw the middle hut smoke (rare antiboost through sand bags but still.) After the smokes pop throw flashes (save some for cross and push out 1 player goes on top of vent area and looks white box if doesnt have molotov and wait for pushes if they do maybe 5 seconds before the smokes decipate someone smoke between white box and highway and push z. If your team has another smoke smoke off truck and take b (someone staying z for truck and highway flank.) The ct are most likly going to molotov heaven so 2 people through smoke and run out site and the tree people with through flashes for heaven people. One person that goes heaven goes checkers and clears angles then if its clear or he has killed people he/she watches b main for flank. The other person will stay blue box hiding behind smoke (assuming that they smoked tree) then teamates eill flash out tree and run out and take sight. Then plant bomb. If you have any suggestions msg me on discord SourZ#0302


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