T Pistol round double fake by CLG

4 players should buy armor, only one guy buys some nades (flashes and a smoke)

Bomb should be dropped to the nade guy

2 people including the nade guy go towards A Main making noise, and 1 more player has to go towards squeeky (opening the door, trying to make noise, but he should not be killed), while 2 other players hold B for pushes, not crossing to sunroom and making no sound (1 guy can watch B, and the other can watch mid)

The nade guy has to peak carefully to show the bomb to enemies and he should throw out most of his nades

Then the 3 people at A should run (not walk) from A main and Door and group up outside of A main

In 10-15 seconds people, who were watching B should run towards B, trying to get the enemies’ attention (there should usually be only one guy) and getting some kills.

CTs will rotate from A to B (you should usually wait from 8-13 seconds), and that’s when 3 players outside main rush towards the A Site.

There should be no CTs (there might be 1, but not more than that), you should be able to easily kill him and plant the bomb (it will be better if you plant it for A main), getting secure positions, because the CTs haven’t had time to rotate properly yet. ¬†And that’s how you win a pistol round as Ts on de_cache

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