T-Side Pistol

A: Kevlar

B: Smoke + Flash

C: Smoke

D: Tec-9 dropped from C + Kevlar

E: P250 dropped from B + Kevlar

1.Run a default to hold for any CT aggression for 15 to 20 seconds. (2 B 3 outside Mid)

2a. After that, C and E go B platform. Smoke B plat and E will lurk around the smoke. Job of E is to stop the CTs from rotating. C goes back to join A (bomb) at A long after smoking B plat

2b. Meanwhile, B and D will clear out mid and danger. Once clear, C and A will walk up A long.

3. B smokes connector and flashes the site while A,C,D hit the site. E can either rotate back to drop room to listen for info and stop rotations or fight the CTs at B.



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