The “Couscous” Strat (T Side, No specific site)

-4 Rifles (or PM but it’s not as efficient)

-1 AWP or Scout (he absolutely needs a P250)

-(Stuff can be usefull but you can do without it)

1 Rifle goes palace, 1 A ramp, 1 B aps and 1 underpass.
The sniper goes mid and takes a safe line on short.
Wait for push. If they don’t, try to get a kill on someone.
If your team entries, every rifle push on his position and the sniper watch mid for rotation. Then, attack the least protected site and fast plant.–>Ez win.

If the ennemy entries, make a lot of noise on both sites, regroup on mid and attack a site as fast as possible.–> The site is taken, the bomb is planted but the win is not assured.

In this strat, the ennemy can’t flank you !


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    hsindEx - January 31, 2019

    Nice strat lol it works .

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