The Guaranteed Fake

You need minimum 2 smokes, preferably 3.


In this strat.

1 Player B

2 Players Mid

2 Players Long.

This is a guaranteed fake, so you either end up at A or end up at B,  depending on the momentum. Keep the bomb at T spawn long doors.

The point of the fake is to force 3-4 Ct’s to one side of the map, and entry on 1 or 2 of them.

The strat will have one key engagement

This strat uses common well-known smokes.

This strat requires decent coordination.


The first part requires 1 of the 2 mid players to smoke mid, and take mid control.

Once mid is taken, the 2nd mid player will smoke Mid to B, this is the first fake.

Only 1 CT will rotate from short to CT, or start to push Short (which you should hope he doesn’t, there is a little bit of human-rng to this strat.) One CT will stay posted Long. (Usually)

To ensure they believe the fake, this is where a frag needs to take place, allow one of the mid player without a smoke, to engage mid and attempt to frag a player. One of the CT mid players will be guaranteed to handle your engagement mid so there is a definite chance you will either die or frag the mid player.

If the frag is to your taking, and your team has the man advantage, you can begin to take A. (Optionally, you could smoke B from B Tunnels as-well for extra fakeage). The 2 Double Door players will triple flash long and take control of it, and one of the 2 will proceed to smoke long cross. KEEP THE BOMB at t spawn and allow the rotaters to pick up the bomb as insurance.  The next frag is important, try and frag the player who is posted at long. Then you can successfully take A long and A  control without having to worry about the pesty on-site player who stops you from taking site easily , because he should be pushing CT and he will be smoked off, you better hope he isn’t short or you will have another frag to take care of. Ensure you deploy your smokes swift and fast.


Part 2

If the frag isn’t to your taking, and they have the man advantage, you can refake A and go B. The player posted long or somewhere on A site, will give incorrect information to the CT’s. Here’s how.

One of the 2 T’s long will actually take the bomb and engage with a player with the bomb, a shoulder peek is good enough, because it will show you have the bomb on the mini-map. The call “Bomb A” will be made, and 2 Ct’s will rotate from B, as long as you keep baiting the bomb long, this is where your B lurker can take control of B by attempting to entry frag b with a 1 on 1 engagement. Once B is taken control of, B lurker will smoke it off, and the 2 players mid will en-route to B, while the two players A fall back. Only one of you has a smoke, so you can smoke off mid for safe travels. You want to ensure your A fake with the bomb long works, so make sure you smoke A cross too.

Part 1 CT locations:

The CT’s during the real execution should be:

1 A  <– King

1 A CT (Or could be Short, you should hope not) <– Queen

2 B (or 1/2 Mid) <– Pawns

Part 2 CT locations:

1 B <– King

2 Mid <– Pawns

2 A <– Pawns

The worst scenario for this strat, is if the Short player doesn’t drop CT, or fast pushes short at the start of the round and kills a mid player. Or slow pushes short as the B fake ensues, he can be problematic. The short CT player is their Queen, and the B/A player is their King (In chess, Queen is strongest tower, and the King is the tower to kill to win.)

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