The Top 15 Best Gaming Monitors For Counter Strike Global Offensive

CS GO, short for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is an online 1st person shooter game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Here gamers not only compete against rivals and friends but can also form teams in order to compete in large event competitions for a cash prize. 

And if you’re a CS GO gamer, you know how important it is to have the best gaming monitor. Even if you put the most epic desktop computer in the world that is capable of getting hundreds upon hundreds of frames in CS GO, without the best gaming monitor for CS GO, all of those frames are useless.

You will need a fast monitor capable of rendering frames at the same speed as your desktop computer can put them out. Plus, being able to have a clear vision of the playing can mean a huge difference between defeat and victory and easily dictate your CS GO career. 

So, today, we’ll be taking a look at the best monitors for CS GO that you can buy. 

1. ASUS VG248QE FHD Gaming Monitor

In the world of gaming peripherals, Asus certainly needs no introduction. And the VG248QE FHD Gaming Monitor adds to their already long list of solid and reliable products they offer. 

Boasting a 4.5-star rating with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this gaming monitor has unique features that most gamers call it the de facto tournament eSport monitor there is! First off, it features ultra-smooth action with its 144Gz refresh rate and the 1 millisecond response time, offering you the best performance for fluid CS GO gaming. 

Fully equipped with GamePlus, it allows you to hotkey several types of on-screen cross-hairs for your game. Not only that, but this feature also allows you to view in-game data including spawn time, which is definitely wanted by every CS GO gamers out there. 

For convenience, the monitor has fully equipped 2W speakers that produce decent quality sound. With the 80,000,000 to 1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio, this gaming monitor delivers the brightest whites and darkest blacks for true-to-life images. 

Furthermore, it is considered as one of the most versatile 3D monitors with its full height, swivel and tilt adjustments to provide the utmost gaming comfort. It allows multi-device connectivity with its HDMI, Dual-link DVI-D, and DisplayPort ports.



2. AOC G2590FX Frameless Gaming Monitor

Second in line for the best gaming monitor for CS GO, AOC also doesn’t need an introduction as it is well-known in the competitive gaming world. At 25 inches, the AOC G2590FX will surely take your CS GO gaming experience up a notch, thanks to the crisp Full HD Display and fast response times. 

This gaming monitor features ultra-thin bezels with a frameless design on its 3 sides for a more immersive gaming experience. Not only that, but the 144Hz refresh rate is also combined with the powerful Adaptive-Sync technology, promising you responsive and super-smooth gameplay and image graphics by minimizing input lag, display stuttering and screen tearing. 

Meanwhile, the response time of 1 millisecond GTG (grey-to-grey) means that the pixels respond with speed without smearing for a more enhanced gaming experience. The dramatic transitions and fast-moving actions will be smoothly rendered without the annoying ghosting effects. 

Furthermore, the AOC LowBlue Mode helps reduces harmful blue light by controlling the monitor’s color temperature. This decreases the amount of blue spectrum of light that enters your eye, thus, reducing muscular degeneration and minimizing risks of sleep disorders. In addition, the AOC Flicker-free tech helps reduce flickering, reducing the effects of eye fatigue and damages to your eyes during intense and long gaming sessions. 



3. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR Gaming Monitor

Another superb product from reputable brand ASUS, the Swift PG278QR is a favorite CS GO gaming monitor boasting a 4.2-star rating with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon alone. 

As its names imply, this 27 inches gaming monitor allows for swift action with its 165Hz refresh rate, a much higher one than the previous ASUS gaming monitor. This helps reduce motion blur and lags, giving you the upper hand in CS GO gameplay. Also, the ultrafast refresh rate will let you play at the highest visual setting, so you will have the upper hand and get that first strike in. 

Not only that, but this gaming monitor also incorporates the NVIDIA G—SYNC display tech, delivering stunning and smoothest gaming imaginable. This tech synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor to the GPU in a GeForce GTX-powered PC, minimizing display input lag and stutter as well as screen tearing. 

To make it easier on the eyes, ASUS eye care tech offers blue light filter and flicker-free backlighting to reduce eye strains as well as other eye disorders. Furthermore, this gaming monitor also provides you several connectivity options via its HDMI and DisplayPort1.2 port. Also, there are 2 USB 3.0 ports for your keyboard and mouse or charge your mobile device as you play. With the adjustable stand, you can pivot, swivel tilt or adjust the height of this monitor so you can always find the best viewing position. 



4. Dell S2716DGR Gaming Monitor

With so many computer products that popular brand Dell produces, it’s quite surprising that their offering of goof gaming monitors for CS GO is fairly limited. Still, they do have at least a single nice offering for every CS GO gamers in the form of the S2716DGR gaming monitor. 

For this monitor, dell uses the QHD or Quad-HD display. Although it does not have the nice quality of 4K monitors, it still offers crystal-learn images and graphics that will put other HD monitors to shame. Taking the visual quality to the next level, the fact that this gaming monitor features one of the best G-sync features around, offering almost zero lag even if it is used in a multi-monitor set up. 

Although you love CS GO, as a gamer, you probably also like console gaming. In such a case, this gaming monitor from Dell is compatible with all modern home consoles. For the price, this monitor offers a below than average contrast ratio of 1,000 to 1, which is much lower than most monitors at this price range. Thus, the color may not be as vibrant and bright as they can be. 

Although it may be lacking in some ways CS GO gamers will still love the fast refresh rate at 144HZ for a jitter-free and sharp graphics, reducing motion blur. That and the 1 millisecond panel response time can help you enjoy responsive and incredibly swift gameplay with minimum input lag. 



5. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P Gaming Monitor

If anything, the BenQ ZOWIE brand might get your attention instantly with its unique name along. However, spending a little time with this gaming monitor and you will see that there’s a lot more to it than a unique name. And their top offering, the XLP411P could be described as the gaming industry standards and is one of the best CS GO monitors if you’re going for money value. 

For starters. This gaming monitor has a different preset resolution for several game genres, primarily for first-person shooting games like CS GO. This offers you a visual presentation suited for the game that you’re playing, giving superb detail attention and depth of field for competitive plays. 

When you like playing in the dark, then this gaming monitor can automatically adjust to the darkness for improved visibility. To further personalize your own viewing experience, it even has the image-scaling options so you can adjust the size of the on-screen display. 

Meanwhile, that ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate performance combined with the 1 millisecond response time helps provide a smooth gaming experience by eliminating lag and ghosting during intense gameplay.



6. AOC G2460PF Gaming Monitor

AOC offers the G2460PF gaming monitor that can redraw the screen up to 144 times per second for brilliant and ultra-smooth images. This means you won’t have to put up with screen tearing and input lag with the 144Hz refresh rate that is effectively 2.4 times faster than the standard monitor display. 

Featuring the AMD FreeSync Tech, this gaming monitor offers you the perfect performance for your gaming experience. Synchronizing the GPU and monitor so that frames are displayed when ready, it helps in reducing stuttering and tearing. That and the 1 millisecond response time makes up for quick graphic rendering for the ultimate gaming experience. 

Boasting several ports, this gaming monitor allows versatile connectivity. This includes the fast-charge USB port as well as the capability to substitute average built-in speakers of the monitor. 



7. Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor

Another superb product from the tech giant ASUS, the VG245H gaming monitor is a crowd-pleaser thanks to its affordable price tag. The 24 inches gaming monitor features the FreeSync tech which allows you to automatically sync it up with whatever graphic card that your PC might be using. Thus, you can jump right into your CS GO match without the need of adjusting the settings of your monitor. 

And if you want to still manually adjust its setting, you can lot of visual options available to give your experience the clearest and most vibrant color options available. Speaking of options, there is also the Eye Care technology that helps reduce eye-strain while playing for long periods of time. 

Meanwhile, the GameFast Input Technology helps reduce input lag and allowing you to take full advantage of superior reaction times. That and the exclusive ASUS GamePlus hotkey offer you in-game enhancements so you get more out of your game. 



8. Acer GN246HL FHD Gaming Monitor

A nice budget-friendly offering from the computer giant Acer, the GN246HL FHD Gaming Monitor got so many features that every CS GO gamers will love!

First of all, the super-quick 1 millisecond response time allows for latency-free and quick gameplay. This makes it easier to spot enemies and objectives during those intense and heated matches. Next is the standard 144Hz refresh rate, which is almost unheard of for gaming monitor at the price range. 

Meanwhile, the stunning 24 inches display boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution, delivering superb details making it a nice monitor for widescreen HD gaming and multimedia productivity. With 100,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, this gaming monitor offers the deepest blacks and brightest whites, offering you a crystal clear viewing experience. 

If you are looking for several connections, then the GN246HL offers you multiple HD options including DVI, HDMI, and VGA as well as the capability to connect smart devices up to your monitor if you want to. And if you like to watch movies after an intense battle, then you will like the NVIDIA 3D Lightboost feature. It offers immersive 3D imagery that is twice as bright as other monitors, so you have advanced active shutter 3D tech for home entertainment. 

Lastly, the EcoDisplay technologies of Acer offer up to 68 percent power savings so you conserve on your energy bills even with long gaming sessions. 



9. LG 27GL83A-B Gaming Monitor

Although not popular in the gaming industry, LG Electronics is a reputable brand that still offers superb home monitors. And they also made the effort to manufacturer a nice gaming monitor in the forms of the 27GL83A-B!

With the large 27 inches display, this UltraGear gaming monitor provides the sharpest and crispest clarity you will ever want. It has a Nano IPS Display covering 98 percent of the DDCI-P3 color space which is the professional film industry standard. Thus, it delivers superb image production, bringing your virtual world to life. 

In addition, this gaming monitor supports VESA DisplayHDR 400, allowing realistic visual immersion with precise color and broader contrast ratio. Meanwhile, the advanced display tech is fully equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC that synchronizes the refresh rates to the GPU inside GeForce GTX and RTX-powered PCs. This helps in reducing input lag and stutter as well as minimizing screen tearing, so you will never have to miss a frame of the action. 

Not only that, but it also features the Sphere Lighting 2.0 that exceeds the limit of indirect lighting creating a safe and perfect gaming environment. With the Video Sync and Sound Sync mode, you can also immerse in your game as if you were actually on the battlefield.



10. Acer Predator XB271HU Gaming Monitor

Another premium offering from Acer, the Predator XB271HU with its WQHD display will definitely turbocharge your gaming experience. It has the 144Hz refresh rate capability, however, when overclocked, this gaming monitor can reach up to 165HZ, offering only the smoothest gameplay without motion blur. 

Meanwhile, the advanced liquid crystal formula with the advanced IPS tech offers a premium color performance so that there’s no color difference in whatever viewing angle you are. With its frameless design, there’s a lot of precious screen space in this 27 inches gaming monitor.

Fully equipped with the NVIDIA G-Sync tech, this gaming monitor can match the refresh rate and speed of your powerful GPU in order to eliminate stuttering and screen tearing. Not only that, but it is also equipped with the NVIDIA Ultra-Low Motion Blur tech, reducing motion blur and delivering sharp edges in your fast-paced gaming environment. 

Stay in a match for hours with the Acer EyeProtect technology, filtering Blue Light, have Flicker-less capability as well as the Low-dimming and ComfyView technology. With the ergonomically-designed stand, you can pivot, swivel, tilt and adjust the height of the gaming monitor in order to find the perfect viewing position. 



11. Alienware AW2518HF Gaming Monitor

Alienware is another gaming brand that makes an amazing gaming monitor that is capable of offering you a nice viewing experience in CS GO. The design and build quality of the AW2518HF gaming monitor, in particular, is second to none and deserves a bonus point for that. 

The 25 inches monitor features the 1080p beauty and have a super-fast 1 millisecond response time with a whopping 240Hz refresh rate, something you will never see from other gaming monitors at such price range. 

Compatible with all operating systems, this gaming monitor is fully equipped with the AMD FreeSync, eliminating laggy gameplay and broken frames for a fluid and seamless performance. As well as allowing mouse aiming, tracking and flick shots to be so much easier in the fast-paced CS GO game. 



12. ASUS MG28UQ Gaming Monitor

ASUS another great gaming monitor up its sleeve— the MG28UQ gaming monitor. This large 28 inches gaming monitor features 4K/UHD panel delivering superior resolution for maximum visual immersion and quality. 

It features a 1 millisecond response time along with the Adaptive Sync tech that ensures responsive control and smooth visual without blurriness and lagging. Meanwhile, the 5-way OSD joystick offers the most intuitive control scheme for the monitor, allowing you to access features such as the ASUS GamePlus on the fly. 

To help protect your eyes during a long gaming session, the ASUS Eye Care Technology is certified flicker-free and helps filter Blue Light for less risk of eye disorders and fatigue. Ergonomically-designed, the monitor can stand with swivel, pivot, and tilt and height adjustment or can be mounted on the wall for a comfortable viewing position. 



13. AOC Agon AG241QX Gaming Monitor

Once again, AOC proves to be a worthy competitor in the field of gaming monitors with the Agon AG241QX. Unlike most monitors on this list that provides a 140Hz refresh rate, this one comes with a 165Hz refresh rate. 

Add that to the auto-syncing capabilities and the 1 millisecond response time and you get low latency in clear and beautiful colors for the ultimate gaming experience. Not only that, in order to make your gameplay much more visible, there’s also the built-in shadow adjustment feature, allowing you to adjust the contrast so you can better see in dark areas. 

Other nice features that includes are the multiple display options for various HD connections as well as the USB ports that bring potential add-ons. 



14. BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 Gaming Monitor

Professional CS GO players have relied on the power of BenQ ZOWIE monitors for a really long time. And the XL2540 gaming monitor is a prime example of why they have such a nice reputation. With the solid build quality as well as the shades built-in that stops unwanted glare results to the best gaming experience. 

With the 24.5 inches display and the 1080p resolution, this gaming monitor clocks in at a 240Hz refresh rate, so it is really a gaming powerhouse must-have. In addition, the response time is super quick at 1 millisecond that helps in eliminating lag and ghosting for the optimal gaming experience. 

It also has a removable shield that helps you focus on your game by blocking outside distractions. Multiple connectivities allow you to connect other multimedia with the HDMI, DVI-D,and Displayport as well as the microphone ad headphone jack. 



15. Acer Predator Z35P Gaming Monitor

Last but not the least is the massive 35 inches UltraWide curved gaming monitor from Acer— the Predator Z35P. This display features QHD resolution shows all the details and draws you deeper into action. With its curved design, it gives you more of that eye-wrapping immersion for better gameplay experience. 

During the game, let the NVIDIA G-SYNC create smooth gameplay by synching the frames rendered by your GPU to the refresh rate of the gaming monitor. That paired with the 100Hz – 144Hz refresh Rate gives you smoother gameplay without the motion blur. Meanwhile, the Predator GameView tech will allow you to adjust the dark boost levels, set up aim points for hip-fore accuracy as well as making accurate color adjustments. 

Lastly, the 2 built-in 9W sound speakers and the Acer TrueHarmony tech provide an immersive sound experience that you would never expect from a display. 



The Top 15 Best Gaming Monitors For Counter Strike Global Offensive
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The Top 15 Best Gaming Monitors For Counter Strike Global Offensive
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