The Top 15 Best Gaming Mouse Pad For Counter Strike Global Offensive

While most average gamers, especially the fans of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, CS GO for short, would spend most of their time looking for the best mouse, keyboard, and headset to complete their gears, the mouse pad is probably the most neglected accessory.

It’s just a mouse pad. Anything will do!

And you see that gamer lose the battle.

You see, upgrading even the simplest elements of your gaming setup can provide a significant boost to performance. And a mouse pad is no exception.

A gaming-grade mouse mat or mouse pad can make or break your game experience. A reliable surface for gaming mouse can help provide consistent precision and stability.

How so?

At competitive levels, a CS GO gameplay revolves around those split-second twitch reactions and that pinpoint cursor accuracy. One missed headshot or missclick could make you lose a match, especially in first-person shooter games such as CS GO.

With a gaming-quality mouse surface, you have consistent and fast cursor movement, tracking as precisely as possible. Such consistency allows you to develop that muscle memory, so you become one with your mouse.

Finally convinced?

Then, it is time to hunt for that gaming mouse pad. To make it easier for you, we scoured the whole of Amazon and shortlisted the top 15 best gaming mouse pad for CS Go.

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

The top choice of gamers for almost 20 years, the SteelSeries QcK GamingMouse Pad is most likely the first gaming mouse pad most CS GO pro players will recommend! Boasting a 4.7-star rating with almost 30,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this best-selling gaming mouse pad of all time deserves our top spot.

Don’t be deceived by its super affordable price tag and its simplicity, the QcK is a superb mouse pad that brings out your competitive beastliness by providing you a superb surface like no other.

The mouse pad is made of the legendary and exclusive micro-woven cloth, providing you a surface with pinpoint control for all gameplay styles. Its high thread count and the smooth surface optimizes your mouse tracking accuracy for both laser and optical sensors. It also features that never-slip base designed to eliminate unwanted movements when playing and provide you a solid platform for competitive CS GO gaming.

Not only that, but this mouse pad also went through extensive testing by gaming pros before released and with every gamer feedback, the QcK was developed to be even better. The QcK is available in several styles including the Classic, Thick and Stitched Edge and various sizing options including Large, Medium and Small, so you can choose the perfect mouse pad for your gaming needs. Lastly, this mouse pad is super easy to clean with its durable and washable material.



2. Corsair MM200 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Next on our list, the reputable gaming brand Corsair has gotten technical with their venture into the gaming mouse mat and mouse pad arena. And the Corsair MM200 boasts a 4.7-star rating with over8,000 reviews on Amazon alone!

Just like the SteelSeries QcK, the Corsair MM200 features a minimalistic design boasting only a small logo at the bottom right corner. The mouse pad features a textile-weave surface that is designed for pixel-accurate targeting with low-friction tracking, giving your superior control over your mouse.

As a matter of fact, it is super precise and accurate that it is optimized for both optical and laser gaming mice. Meanwhile, the anti-skid rubber base offers you zero-slip and stays securely in place as you hover your mouse around like crazy.

Lastly, this comfortable and soft mouse pad provides you a nice room play with a 360 x 300-millimeter surface area and 2-millimeter thickness to ensure maximum surface with long play comfort.



3. Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Pad

If you’re one who loves the comfort of Extended Mouse Pads, then you will certainly like the line of Glorious Gaming Mouse Pads. It comes in several enormous sizes with some as extended mouse pad offering you enough room for both your gaming mouse and keyboard.

You got a lot of choices in terms of sizes and thickness from large mouse pads with 11 x 13 inches surface area and 2-millimeter thickness to 3XL mouse pads measuring 48 x 24 inches and has 3-millimeter thickness. You can also opt for the XL Heavy style measuring 16 x 18 inches and is 5 millimeter thick that helps prevent problems caused by uneven surfaces.

Every Glorious Gaming Mouse Pad features a smooth cloth surface that is optimized for maximum fast movement while also maintaining superior control and great speed during gameplay. Meanwhile, its non-slip rubber base offers you a superb and heavy grip preventing movement or sliding of the mouse pad as you go crazy shooting your enemy. To give total value to your money, these mouse pads also feature anti-fraying stitched frames that greatly increase the lifespan of your mouse pad as well as elevating its aesthetics.

Now, if you are still quite hesitant about its quality or experienced any issues with the mouse pad, Glorious provides a replacement mouse pad from up to 1 year from the date of purchase free of charge.



4. Corsair MM300 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Another greatly extended mouse pad for CS GO players, the Corsair MM300 is perfect for those that play with lowered sensitivity settings and DPI that tend to abuse their wrist too much.

With the massive mouse movements that you make for those accurate headshots in the game, an extended and oversized mouse pad is a must. Only available in the soft cloth form, the Corsair MM300 extended mouse pad is sized to run all the way across your desk, providing enough space for both your mouse and keyboard.

Corsair’s premium line of cloth mouse pads, the MM300 is an extended-type mouse pad featuring a non-slip rubber base, a sturdy thickness of 3 millimeters and stitched edges in order to prevent fraying and extend its lifespan. This extended mouse pad is one of the largest size available and is designed to fit even the largest gaming keyboards for CS GO and still have plenty of room to spare.

Like most mouse pad from Corsair, the MM300 features a textile-weave and smooth design that ensures mouse gliding across its surface is like cutting through butter. It is optimized for both optical and laser gaming mouse and offers low friction tracking.



5. AmazonBasics Gaming Mouse Pad

The list of the best gaming mouse pad for CS GO from Amazon would simply be incomplete if we didn’t add a product made by Amazon itself. Amazon may indeed be planning to take over the world, introducing its own line of gaming peripherals and accessories.

And if you think, the gaming mouse pad from AmazonBasics is not as good as those from reputable gaming brands, then think again. Although this mouse pad is not anything fancy, it is somewhat reminiscent of the QcK line from SteelSeries.With that said, its cloth surface is of high quality and smooth, promoting snag-free and effortless mouse gliding and is able to accommodate all types of mouse.

Meanwhile, its sleek and thin pad can help give you total control and more focused on your gameplay. The rubberized base, on the other hand, keeps the mouse securely in place and prevent it from slipping away as you hover around to take that headshot. Furthermore, it is available in several sizes including Mini, Extended, XXL and Standard size.

When it needs cleaning, you simply toss it into your washing machine. With its cheap below $10 price tag on the standard size and the AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty, this gaming mouse pad is indeed worth a try for the beginner CS GO players.



6. Razer Firefly Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer’s latest addition to their mouse pad line up, the Firefly Chroma is one stunning gaming mouse pad. A fitting name, this awesome mouse pad will certainly light up your desk, accentuating the looks of your gaming mouse.

This mouse pad features the Chroma lighting tech of Razer, allowing you to choose from the 16.8 million color options. You can manage its color schemes and other options via the Razer Synapse software.

Available in both surface type— hard and cloth— the Firefly Chroma featuresa micro-textured surface that is optimized for the full spectrum of mouse sensor and sensitivity settings. Razer claimed that hey have tweaked its surface for optimal control and speed and for pinpointing cursor tracking and mouse movement.

It also offers the Inter-device Color Synchronization, allowing you to choreograph a stunning spectrum of lighting effects that shall bring your personal playstyle to life. As expected, this mouse pad also features a rubber base to help prevent slipping away during intense gameplay.

We must admit, this is a one-of-a-kind flashy mouse pad with a price tag to match its flashiness.



7. Redragon P006 Gaming Mouse Pad

With an enormous 34.5 x 16.5 inches surface area, this bright and stylish mouse pad is great for CS GO players who need something to cover a large chunk of their gaming desk. And with such an extra-large surface area, you will be able to place your keyboard on it and still have enough hovering space for your mouse.

Engineered to improve mouse hovering, this mouse pad features high-density and super-fine silk surface the offers minimal friction with ultra-smooth surface texture. The Pixel-perfect precision is optimized for all sensors and sensitivity settings. Meanwhile, the advanced multi-layer surface offers thousands of light reflecting the microscopic points for super-accurate tracing for both laser and optical sensor mice.

Meanwhile, its underside is constructed from natural processed foam rubber, adapting to various surface materials. This helps provide you a slid gaming platform and prevent slipping during an intense battle. Not only that, but its surface is also waterproof and super easy to clean. Plus, the edges are reinforced by a dense stitching process that not only uplifts its looks but also prevents deformation and damages.



8. HyperX FURY S Gaming Mouse Pad

Boasting a 4.7-star rating with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, the HyperX FURY S is another favorite gaming mouse pad for SC GO players. HyperX took some ideas from the Razer’s plan and presented their own “skyn” (skin to win, as they say) mouse pad.

The HyperX Fury S is one mouse pad that totally fits the bill on those on a budget. Whether you prefer accuracy or speed, the Fury S with its tightly woven fabric offers you an optimized surface that feels good and smooth to the skin. Not only that, but its soft cloth surface also provides the ultimate wrist comfort with a textured rubber underside in order to prevent moving and sliding when the action starts.

Meanwhile, it flawlessly stitched anti-fray edges not only provides a nice overall look to the mouse pad but also provides you a durable and uniform surface for years to come. Available in 4 sizes— Small, Medium, Large and X-Large— you can choose the right one for your play style and desk.



9. Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad

If you loved the flashiness of the Razer Firefly, then you will absolutely love Corsair’s version of the lighting mouse pad— the MM800 Polaris RGB. This beautiful mouse pad allows you to light up your battle station. With its customizable 15 RGB zones, you can unlock infinite combinations.

Not only that, but these ultra-vibrant lights are also powered by the true PWM control for superior color rendering precision. Using the improved iCUE software, you can create your lighting profiles or select from a long list of preset modes.

However, this Corsair mouse pad offers more than just a flashy show. It also features a micro-textured finish, allowing your mouse to easily slide across the surface without sacrificing accuracy with the small movements. Now only that, it even has a USB pass-through port, allowing you to conveniently plug in your flash drive or mouse. With the non-slip rubber base, you can feel confident as you hover and glide your mouse during an intense CS GO gameplay.



10. Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

A colorful mouse pad that brightens any gaming desk, the Razer Sphex V2 is one stylish accessory to buy. This ultra-thin gaming mouse pad is designed to give gamers a seamless gaming experience by delivering high tracking quality for both optical and laser gaming mice.

Constructed from extra durable polycarbonate, this mouse pad is lab-tested to have high-rip, impact and tear strength. Its incredible toughness ensures that this mouse pad will stay in tip-top condition for years to come.

In addition, the improved adhesive base ensures that the mouse pad will stay securely in place even through intense gameplay.



11.Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad

Next up is the famous Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad. What makes this mouse pad a favorite is its hard and solid surface. Every gamer knows that when it comes to low tactile resistance and pure speed nothing compared to the hard mouse pads.

At a quickglance, the Logitech G440 surface might look super smooth like in soft mouse pad, however, it is actually polyethylene surface that features microtextures for the perfect amount of resistance.

This mouse pad also provides just the right amount of feedback without the excess noise generated from your rapid mouse sliding. At the bottom, the G440 boasts a rubber base, preventing the pad from moving and sliding around your desk while making those intense mouse movements.

Then, the generous 13.4 x 11 inches surface area provides you with enough space to stay focused on your game at various DPI levels.



12. Razer Goliathus Speed Gaming Mouse Pad

As its name implies, this one from Razer is the size of Goliath (in the mouse pad world). And not only about the size, but Razer has also seriously got this mouse pad down to Science.

Razer took it further with the surface calibration using the Synapse software 2.0. Available in 2 different editions— Control and Speed— you get to choose one mouse pad that caters to your gaming need.

This mouse pad features a slick, taut weave that creates a seamless surface, you your gaming mouse will glide effortlessly with zero hindrance. Not only that, its surface is also super comfortable to the skin, minimizing fatigue over extended periods of gameplay.

Whether you have an optical or laser sensor or using low to high sensitivity setting, the Razer Goliathus will offer you superb tracking responsiveness for a reliable and consistent in-game control. And regardless of the size of your game desk, this mouse pad is available in several large sizes and cool designs to accommodate your needs.



13.VicTsing RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Another flashing mouse pad to complete your lighting show on your desk, the VicTsing RGB gaming mouse pad is another serious contender with its 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

Featuring an oversized extended size o31.5 x 15.7 inches, this gaming mouse pad will fit your desktop perfectly and offers up to 30 percent larger movement space than others. Designed with fine fiber braided material, it features an ultra-smooth and soft surface that protects your wrist against fatigue while allowing more accurate mouse gliding. Meanwhile, the smooth LED edges should never hinder your gaming experience.

Now, the dense overlapping curves as well as the non-slip rubber base allows you to play as intensely as you want, without worrying about moving surface. Meanwhile, the waterproof surface effectively prevents accidental spill damage during your break time.

But, what makes this mouse pad amazing is its 12 lighting modes— 4 dynamic modes and 8 static light modes. It uses super glowing fiber to make your game environment more enjoyable and brighter. And to light it up, the mouse pad comes with a USB cable.



14.Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse Pad

The Zowie brand and its gaming gear are tailored-made for first-person shooter games with its rots laid firmly in the world of Counterstrike. And this gaming mouse pad is used by over a quarter of CS GO pro gamers.

This gaming mouse pad features a smooth and even surface that offers steady gliding movements for your mouse with great control. Frankly, it is very much like SteelSeries’ QcK in terms of performance.

Zowie redesigned the pad’s rubber base, thus offering more stability than ever. It also does not fray out from the side. Measuring 18.9 x 15.7 inches and a 3.5-millimeter thickness, this mouse pad is compatible with all kinds of mice.



15.KTRIO Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Last but surely not the least, this extended gaming mouse pad from KTRIO boasts an amazing 4.8-star rating with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon alone. Measuring 31.5 x 11.8 inches, this extra-large mouse pad provides you enough spaces for your gaming keyboard, mouse and other desk items. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from 2 larger sizes— the XXL and XXXL.

Featuring a durable manufacturing design, this mouse pad has stitched edges with high-density premium texture that ensures long-term use without degumming or deformation. Meanwhile, the ultra-smooth Lycra cloth cover is optimized for smooth gliding and fast mouse movements while ensuring control and accuracy.

And if you’re one to keep your drinks close-by during play, you’ll be glad to know that this mouse pad features a waterproof coating that prevents damage from spilled drinks. To prevent interruption and frustrations of moving mouse pad during gameplay, this one features a dense and soft non-kid nature rubber base to keep it securely in place.



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The Top 15 Best Gaming Mouse Pad For Counter Strike Global Offensive
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The Top 15 Best Gaming Mouse Pad For Counter Strike Global Offensive
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